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Discover Koby Martin’s latest exhibition, 'Drunk Minds Speak Of Sober Times', running from July 25th to July 29th. Hosted at Sarabande Foundation, this exhibition offers an intimate look into the life of an artist who uses his craft to explore personal themes...
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By meticulously arranging materials that are often posed as ‘waste’, SPILL balances these overwhelmingly distracting elements with delicacy and validation, portraying the stories of personalities, daily annoyances, rituals and overlooked tasks that define our everyday lives.
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We had the pleasure of welcoming another creative titan; renowned artist, Cornelia Parker. After touring the studios, Cornelia delved into her illustrious career in conversation with Andrea Schlieker (director of Exhibitions and Displays at Tate Britain), offering insights into the makings of some of her standout works.
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