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Clients, especially the right clients, are a key pillar of any creative business, yet they can be tricky to find if you don't know where to look. And, once you have a client list, how do you keep them loyal and engaged? Clienteling expert Alyne Hansen-Damm is here to answer all your burning questions and help you build a fail-proof clienteling strategy.
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For ‘What Now?’ London 2024, our 4th annual careers fair in London, we are back with engaging panel discussions with unique creatives like Nasir Mazhar, alongside interactive workstations with industry specialists from top brands and institutions such as Alexander McQueen, Christie's, Tate & Craig Green, all providing personalised one-to-one support to guide your next steps and explore the multitude of paths available to answer the question: “What Now?”.
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"Bears Who Care" was a heartwarming and wholesome workshop to say the least. Reminiscent of the cosy atmosphere from Dean's studio, the main space was transformed into a children's bedroom, complete with blankets, beanbags, teddy bears, and Disney books, creating the perfect setting to spark attendees' childlike curiosity during London Craft Week.
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