The Making Of The Moth Pin with Benjamin Hawkins

The Making Of The Moth Pin with Benjamin Hawkins

The silver Sarabande moth is a pin brooch of exceptional artistry and haunting beauty. Inspired by the iconic image of the death head moth produced by Nick Knight, the symbol is quickly becoming synonymous with the foundation’s legacy.

The moth, designed and prototyped by former resident and upcoming fine jewellery designer Benjamin Hawkins, has been crafted in his London atelier, then cast and manufactured in the same workshop that produces the finest artworks for the top jewellery houses around the world.

The entire moth has been made in England, using recycled sterling 925 silver, and to the highest levels of craftsmanship, before being hallmarked in London’s prestigious Goldsmiths Hall, marking the leopards head of the capital, and sarabande’s own unique hallmark.

From concept to completion, the moth embodies all of the values Sarabande stands for, paying homage to the extraordinary work Lee embodied, and Sarabande continues to represent today. 

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It will come to you inside a specially designed old-style matchbox!