The Ketel One Artist Commission 2018

An exciting, new collaboration between Sarabande artists and our founding sponsor Ketel One has begun - Introducing the Ketel One Artist Commission.

As part of this project, artists-in-residence Jasmin Reif (of Judas Companion) and Hendrickje Schimmel (of Tenant Of Culture) have undergone an inspirational trip to the 325 year old Nolet distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands to gain an understanding of how Ketel One Vodka is produced.

After taking inspiration from the process, packaging, values and taste of Ketel One Vodka, both artists have returned to their studios here at Sarabande to react to the trip by creating a unique piece of work centred around both the artists practice and Ketel One.

Each artist's work will be unveiled at a solo show at the foundation.