The Business of Jewellery with Alex Monroe and Jos Skeates

The Business of Jewellery with Alex Monroe and Jos Skeates

12 NOVEMBER 19.30-21.00PM

 Running a business can be hard, and finding the information you need can be even harder. For our Jewellery series we welcome Alex Monroe and Jos Skeates to explore the business of jewellery, with a crucial focus in managing a small business, production and how to scale production.

With over 20 years of experience within the business of jewellery, and seeking out the best amongst emerging British and international jewellery brands, Jos Skeates of boutique store ECOne Jewellery has developed an excellent view of the current market and what works as both a jeweller and retailer. Likewise, Alex Monroe brings the experienced perspective of forming his award-winning brand. With these two experts, this talk is ideal for those who are hoping to build or in the process of building a jewellery business, and is designed to help illuminate a clear path for starting and growth.

Doors Open 19.00PM for cocktails from Ketel One.

Please arrive on time as the talk kicks off at 19.30PM on the dot!







Image: Alex Monroe

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