TALK: Protecting Your Intellectual Property with Baker Mckenzie

TALK: Protecting Your Intellectual Property with Baker Mckenzie
19:00 - 21:00
Doors Open 19:00 for refreshments kindly provided by Will Sark beers. Please arrive on time as the talk kicks off at 19:30 on the dot, and finishes at 8:45.
Thievery is no stranger within the creative industry, and it is the unfortunate case that many emerging designers and brand entrepreneurs have their work stolen, counterfeited, poorly manufactured and sold for half the price - the scenarios are endless.
With no substantial legal support - the creative is left to fend for themselves. Trademark, copyrights, patents, design rights, exploitation…the list goes on and there is little understanding and plenty of misinformation. But all hope is not lost.
Bringing our legal experts, Julia Dickenson and Catherine Woods from Baker Mckenzie, this Sarabande talk will provide highly-sought-after professional advice without the fees. It's time to protect your intellectual property - for once and for all!
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