Screening of 'bod' - A Film by Isabel Garrett and Daisy Collingridge

Screening of 'bod' - A Film by Isabel Garrett and Daisy Collingridge


A Film by Isabel Garrett and Daisy Collingridge

20th – 22nd JANUARY



‘bod’ captures a moment. Getting ready for bed, a woman takes a dive inside her own body.

This short film is the exciting collaboration from the artist Daisy Collingridge and animation director Isabel Garrett. The film, commissioned by Sarabande Foundation and Xenia is a triumphant collision of their two parallel universes and will be screened this weekend nestled amongst an interactive set.

Daisy’s work is a mix of the uncomfortable and captivating which aligns with Isabel’s beautiful and bizarre worlds that she invents. The film strives to capture the tactile, vulnerability of the characters whilst celebrating flesh, nakedness and the body.







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