Jewellery Series | Showcase & Workshop

Jewellery Series | Showcase & Workshop

Sarabande Showcase

2, 3 & 5 November 2017


A working exhibition showing five of the jewellers-in-residence at Sarabande Studios for the period of 2015 –2017. The main space at Sarabande was transformed into an installation, with facsimiles of jewellers’ own studios, and you will be able to walk round the studios, talk to the designers, handle their work, and commission and buy pieces. The working exhibition was free and open to the public daily from 14.00-20.00 (except 4 November).


Jewellery Workshop

4 November 2017


A workshop with a twist - a unique opportunity to make your own bespoke piece of jewellery, the perfect gift for someone you love (or keep it for yourself!)


Sponsored by Moët & Chandon Champagne


Catsro Smith


Benjamin Hawkins


Charlotte Garnett


Coline Assade


Esna Su