Sarabande Artists and Swarovski Update!

Sarabande Artists and Swarovski Update!

Over the summer, our Swarovski application room has been open to our scholars and in-studio-artists to allow them to experiment with, and incorporate the crystals in to their works. This has not only been a huge success, but the results have reflected the diversity that Sarabande represents - designers and artists have utilised the same materials to create completely contrasting but equally impressive pieces.

Isabelle Pennington, a Sarabande BA Fashion Design scholar at Nottingham Trent used the Swarovski crystals in her latest outerwear project based on robots, as she took inspiration from used circuit boards by "combining the Swarovski crystals with motifs to make the pieces really look electric and like the inner workings of a robot when the crystals catch the light." Andrea Dritschel, a BA Jewellery and Metal Design scholar at the University of Dundee, created jewellery "highlighting the body's increasing reactivity to alcohol, connecting the wearer with the body." For these pieces she invoked cell-like jewellery that mimicked microscopic slides of alcohol and human cells.

Isabelle Pennington

Andrea Dritschel


Cecily Cracroft-Eley