Jerseys, Jewels, and Figurines: Meet the new faces at High Road

Jerseys, Jewels, and Figurines: Meet the new faces at High Road

After announcing all of the new artists that have joined us at our HQ in Haggerston, we are please to announce we also have a few new faces to welcome at our new site in Tottenham, Sarabande High Road.

First up, get up to know womenswear designer Renata Brenha:

 Renata’s aesthetics and approach are defined by a mixed Latin American culture, using in-house developed textiles that would otherwise be called ‘waste’. The label is driven to push craftsmanship through sustainable methods, using carefully chosen materials and artisanal techniques to develop a new creative practice able to face the collective challenges of our times.

Next up, meet Matilde Mozzanega:

 Matilde works in contemporary jewellery within the context of jewellery and sustainability, fascinated by the power of jewellery as a healing and wellness source within our day-to-day life, Matilde creates a modern take on the ancient tradition of jewellery as a talisman. Her most recent collection, chromo-dope, explores the idea of transformation and interchangeability within jewellery.

The inspiration for the collection came from the social media movement #postyourpill and the rising mental health issues amongst people but especially young adults in the past two years. The project communicated the sacred importance daily rituals have for our mental health: dedicating time, love and care towards an object, suddenly becomes an act of healing self-love.

Last, but certainly not least, meet Miya Kumo:

Miya is a jewellery designer exploring themes of illusion, duality and nature through gold and silver. Their work often alludes to their fascination with hidden meanings and symbolism, characterised by the engraved messages, emblems and figurines particular to the pieces.

We have announced all of our new artists for both sites, keep your eyes peeled and stay in the loop to see all the amazing creations that come from their new spaces.


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