Michaela Yearwood-Dan is at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024

Michaela Yearwood-Dan is at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024

Sarabande artist Michaela Yearwood-Dan is at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024!!! 

For those who are not familiar with Michaela and her work, Michaela Yearwood-Dan is a contemporary British artist born in South London, her work often depicts a variety of topics based on observations of society and self, tending to explore themes of class, culture/race, gender and nature.

The new works continue her investigation into contemporary culture and millennial political concerns, in these pieces Michaela uses inscribed lines of text picked from poetry, song lyrics, and her own lyrical writings.

Working predominately with paint and collage, Yearwood-Dan's art is habitually thick and sumptuous, with references to both the origins of traditional Fine Art and pop culture; including images of late night food spots, overtly feminine stereotypes and botanical influences within personalised visual narrative. 

As a contemporary artist working in a historically renowned art form - that, critically, is seen by some as a “dying" -  Yearwood-Dan’s work focuses heavily on method and technique, often borrowing and adapting traits from western, Japanese and Chinese historical painting and craft.

From the 26th to the 30th, with Marianne Boesky Gallery, you can head to booth 3D20 at Art Basel Hong Kong to see Michaela’s newest works.