Jewellery Merchandising Workshop with Cory Barrett and Charlie Thomas

Jewellery Merchandising Workshop with Cory Barrett and Charlie Thomas

19 NOVEMBER 18.30-20.30PM


Without a doubt, a fine piece of jewellery makes ones heart flutter and face gleam in awe. And whilst we cannot deny that the jewellery itself plays a part in inviting such a reaction, the additional, understated elements of merchandising are what make a piece of jewellery truly stunning.

Led by Cory Barrett, ex-visual director of Tiffany and now Founder and Creative Director of CBGC Creative Industries Ltd and consultant art director Charlie Thomas, who has worked with many luxury brands, this provoking and informative talk will offer basic yet fundamental merchandising tips for jewellers of all levels, varying from small to large sized brands. Expanding upon these merchandising tips, the talk will teach an assortment of essentials for the merchandising of your jewellery, such as how to set-up a successful in-store layout, a photographic space for capturing your jewellery for e-commerce purposes, and ultimately how to stand out from your competitors.

At the age of 16, Cory Barrett began his career training as a part-time Sales assistant in Coventry, whilst completing his Diploma in Graphic Design. During this time, he found a love of clothes, styling, window dressing and ultimately visual merchandising. Cory dedicated his time to the craft of visual merchandising through a series of high profile moves - including Director-level roles at Tiffany and Gap in New York. Joining the workshop, Charlie Thomas began his venture into his career through his Diploma in Graphic Design, emerging as Art Director of Conde Nast, an extensive period at Gucci Group NV as Creative Director, before stepping towards Alexander McQueen as Visual Director.

Jewellers- aspiring, novice, intermediate and expert- this is your chance to learn the professional and successful ways of expert merchandising that are bound to elevate your brand! If you have a camera of choice , gladly bring it along- we can show you the best way to capture your merchandised jewellery! Phones work perfectly fine as well!


Please arrive on time as the workshop kicks off at 18.30PM on the dot!








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