INSPIRED: Francesca Villa with Fiona McCarthy

INSPIRED: Francesca Villa with Fiona McCarthy

INSPIRED: Francesca Villa with Fiona McCarthy


19:00 - 21:00

Doors open at 19:00 for refreshments and talk starts at 19:30 on the dot!

Jewellery that tells a tale...

 Within the world of luxury jewellery, Italian jewellery designer Francesca Villa celebrates objet trouvés - discarded relics that have their value rediscovered. Working with peculiar artefacts that hold sentimental and historical importance, Francesca brings new-found life into these relics by embedding precious gems onto their surface. Finding these items within the corners of antique shops, flea markets and miscellaneous spaces, there is an unparalleled precious intimacy to Francesca's jewellery.

Through her limited-edition pieces, Francesca uses the past as a source of inspiration and creates a micro-universe surrounding the jewellery. As her clients are left in awe of the jeweller's craft and her passion for storytelling, you cannot help but be engrossed with the lost history of each piece. And while you may try to retrace and delve deeper into the story, Francesca's jewellery remains the catalyst and the root of all the magic and mystery.

Be prepared for an inspirational tale with the one-of-a-kind Francesca Villa!






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