Fashion Technical Series | Merchandising

Fashion Technical Series | Merchandising

5 February 2019

Alexander McQueen & Burberry experts | Merchandising

Do you know what your customer wants from you? Do you know what you sell? And how profitable that is? Key to growing your business is really knowing your customer and really knowing your brand's DNA.

Harnessing your creativity and turning those designs into a commercial success requires a powerful merchandising strategy.

Teaching you how to reel in those potential customers and create a pricing and product strategy, a successful merchandiser is behind a lot of the great companies. Helping you know what steps to take for your business, we’ve got Senior menswear merchandiser from Alexander McQueen and Burberry's merchandiser Nira Martin. Being the final workshop of our Fashion Technical series here at Sarabande, we hope you didn't miss out on your chance to learn valuable information from the countries top fashion professionals.