Digital Series | 'My Digital Self' Workshop

Digital Series | 'My Digital Self' Workshop

25 November 2018

Holition is joining forces with Sarabande Foundation for a final workshop as part of our Digital Series.

We are all spending A LOT of our time staring at our screens (no judgment here, we're not ones to talk!) but let's turn this data into something beautiful and let's do it together, in person, not through our phone screens...

Creative Technologist, Miguel Ceballos, led an intimate workshop in which data collected from your app and social media usage will be harnessed to create a unique, artistic output. In this half-day workshop, we learned to co-create a multi-medium data visualisation, combining analog and digital techniques based on our own expertise and interests.

'My Digital Self' workshop:

- An Interactive Talk covering the following:

- Conceptual Understanding of types of data visualisation  (contrast, comparison, network, aggregation, belonging)

- Understanding raw data sets

- Identifying the core variable concept

- Expressing the message as a question

- Explaining fiction and rules

- Chance vs Objectivity

- Referencing good practice to illustrate form and function

- An application of the above theory to your personalised data set to create a digital storyboard

- Use of the storyboard to represent your data in a visualisation of your choice

- A reflection and critique session on everyone's outputs.

Trust us, you won't find another workshop like this, spaces are very limited so don't miss out and book your space now!