Dean Hoy's 'Bears Who Care' Picnic for London Craft Week

Dean Hoy's 'Bears Who Care' Picnic for London Craft Week

Ignite your inner child-like curiosity, tap into your feelings, and make a communal work with fellow creatives during London Craft Week.

Led by Sarabande artist in residence Dean Hoy, grab a cuppa and a biscuit and get stuck in!

Informed by Dean's signature style and his series that works to materialise emotions, guests will learn Dean's technique using patchwork quilting and sewing practices and create a larger than life teddy bear picnic rug together.

'Bears Who Care' blossomed out of both a need to feel connection and a way to emote in an isolated world, and a way to give new life to bears that pulled at Dean's heartstrings that he saw discarded outside charity shops and the wayside of London streets.

At the end of the workshop, the communally created picnic blanket will be laid out and guests will be given the option to either take the piece they were working on, symbolising self-care, or invited to leave it behind where it will be sewn together by Dean, symbolising collective-care.

Teddy bears invited!



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