Craig Green x Moncler

The Genius project, Moncler's collaboration with eight of fashion's front-runners to create a series of innovative capsule collections, was first launched in February 2018. The Genius Project 2.0 is back with a bang and with none other than Sarabande Alumni, Craig Green.

Providing an alternative to protecting oneself against the weather using padding (typical of Moncler) Green instead chose to focus on shelter from both rain and sun. In a video projected onto the Moncler Genius building, and drawing inspiration from tents, sports kites, and sails, this collection resembles weather vanes and plays with the idea of predicting the weather before it arrives. It was created using reclaimed materials, weights, plastic and wood, and will be available to buy in Moncler boutiques from January 2019.

Green’s determination to constantly evolve, his relentless exploration of shape, sculpture and impeccable finish, combined with the heritage and luxurious nature of Moncler has made for an awesome partnership. In his own words, “I have always explored ideas of protection and functionality within my work, something that is also at the core of Moncler’s heritage. I thought it would be interesting for these ideas to be developed in this collection.”