Inspired: Cornelia Parker in conversation w/ Andrea Schlieker

Inspired: Cornelia Parker in conversation w/ Andrea Schlieker

We had the pleasure of welcoming another creative titan; renowned artist, Cornelia Parker. After touring the studios, Cornelia delved into her illustrious career in conversation with Andrea Schlieker (director of Exhibitions and Displays at Tate Britain), offering insights into the makings of some of her standout works.

“I do find that my best inspiration comes from having conversations with people”


Before the two began the conversation, Cornelia treated us to her recent film installation; 'THE FUTURE (Sixes and Sevens)'. The film explores the future through the eyes of primary school children. 

Known for her skilful manipulation of domestic objects, Parker's work has been marked by significant exhibitions on both national and international stages. Her practice delves into humanity's relationship with the world, addressing pressing issues such as violence, environmentalism, and human rights. Her large-scale, often site-specific installations, highlight a deep concern for the insidious effects of global warming and consumerism. 

The attendees had a glimpse into the artist's early stages of life and career, with Parker narrating some exciting personal experiences, unravelling her path to inspiration throughout the years. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and a big thank you to Cornelia and Andrea for such an inspirational discussion.

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