Clay Portrait Modelling with Jo Grogan (SOLD OUT)

Clay Portrait Modelling with Jo Grogan (SOLD OUT)

Join renowned woodcarver and sculptor Jo Grogan on Tuesday, July 23rd to learn the basics of modelling portraits with air-dry clay. This hands-on workshop is perfect for anyone eager to explore the world of sculpture and create a personal masterpiece.

With her rich background in craft, Jo will guide each participant through the process of crafting a small-scale portrait of a person or animal that holds special meaning for them. Whether it’s a loved one, an inspiring figure, a historical icon, a favourite celebrity, or even a cherished pet, Jo will help you capture their essence in clay.

Throughout the session, Jo will demonstrate techniques for sculpting facial features, capturing expressions, and infusing your portrait with character focusing on conveying emotion and personality rather than striving for perfection. Her techniques will enable you to create a unique and expressive piece that tells a story.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a master sculptor and create a piece of art that holds special significance. Join us and discover the joy of portrait modelling with air-dry clay!

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