Hand carved & painted, Kirico Ueda created a chess set that’s entirely unique

Hand carved & painted, Kirico Ueda created a chess set that’s entirely unique

Kirico Ueda is a multidisciplinary artist working across various mediums, including sculpture, printmaking, photography and performance to delve into the realms of folktales and myths, deconstructing and reassembling them to create new narratives.

'Ive been intrigued by the symbols and iconography in popular culture.'

Kirico visited our concept store House of Bandits, at Sarabande High Road, to discuss her chess set, sharing the creative process and inspiration behind the work. Kirico's chess set is crafted using traditional techniques with meticulous care. Each piece is carefully hand built and carved, then fired in the kiln, glazed, and fired once again. 



There are three editions of the chess set, each one hand crafted and painted with glazed earthenware and wood. You can purchase the chess set at House of Bandits.

In our feature last July, we spotlighted Kirico's handcrafted rotating shadow Lantern. Through this piece she explores the interplay of shadow and light in her work. The lantern casts captivating shadows of paper cutouts rotating within the structure.

'Ive been interested in working with elements of shadow and light throughout my practice and the mechanism of this piece is inspired by those of a traditional shadow lanterns originating in China'


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