Mods, Skinheads & Punks, AV Vattev's AW24 ‘Superculture'

Mods, Skinheads & Punks, AV Vattev's AW24 ‘Superculture'

av vattev presents their AW24 men’s collection, ‘superculture’, inspired by the Rock Against Racism movement from the 1970s.

Shot here at Sarabande, the collection captures the spirit of unity, cultural exchange, and rebellion against societal divides.

A contemporary fusion of movements spanning from the late 60’s to the early 2020’s, drawing inspiration from the likes of Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher and British subcultures like Mod, Skinhead and Punk.

These influences seamlessly meld with the brand’s distinctive aesthetic and signature elements, creating an of-the-moment collection that resonates with today’s landscape.

Syd Shelton's photographs of the Rock Against Racism movement are a key inspiration, capturing skinheads dancing to Jamaican ska, punks embracing reggae, and black children connecting with punk. These images vividly portray the power of music to bridge cultural differences during a turbulent period marked by racial, class, and gender divisions. 

The collection modernises key pieces from the Skinhead subculture with bomber jackets, tracksuits, shirting, and beanies. The bubble-shaped bomber jackets in grey waterproof coated cotton or classic black are adorned with the jukebox closure wrapped around the neck. Sleeveless shirts in pinstripe grey, black, or brown cotton with contrast top stitching are fused with a band collar, paying homage to leather jackets from the "Swinging Sixties."