Andreea Teleaga | Brighton Photo Fringe 2018 Exhibition

Sarabande scholar Andreea Teleaga has been shortlisted in the ‘Brighton Photo Fringe’ - having also won The Best Student Achievements Awards from North East Photography Network. She will be joining the large-scale exhibition for the OPEN 18 solo in Brighton, which will include an exciting range of photography from artists working locally and internationally, selected by photography professionals.

Andreea’s practice is a fine-art response to the socio-political situation. The initial intent of Andreea’s photography series was to encourage viewers to acknowledge the history of her home country, Romania, as people experienced it, as opposed to the way it is written in the history books. Her use of sandpaper to alter the images is a direct reference to irreversible destruction, the effects of which have been experienced by much of the Romanian population. Her work can be categorised as documentary, landscape and portraiture, but it is also about how and where all the pieces are displayed. Andreea personally enjoys the experimental side of photography, the one that does not follow any precise rules, and where the end result is unanticipated.