25th September, PRACTICAL: How To Price Your Artwork

25th September, PRACTICAL: How To Price Your Artwork

Result! You have someone interested in buying your work. They ask you ‘How much?’ and your stomach sinks. 

Fear not - if this sounds familiar, book yourself a seat to our talk on pricing your artwork. It’s a tricky one, endlessly subjective and art school educated, or not, no one really teaches you this stuff.

From an overwhelming amount of information, stoic preachings on how to put a price on value, and strange pricing sums and equations spouted by people online, this numbers game can put you in a fluster.

To set you on the right path, we have enlisted the help of Caroline Hussey-Bain alongside James Bayard and Freddie Powell. As head of Tate International Council, and keen supporter of emerging artists, Caroline and her guests will share their tips and tricks, and clear informative steps to arm you with knowledge for you to make confident pricing decisions. 



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