Yoav Hadari

Yoav Hadari is an Israeli born designer operating their fashion design label HADARI in the UK, after having industry experience working for luxury brands like Thom Browne and Schiaparelli specialised in tailoring, embroidery and VIP / Couture pieces.

HADARI is inspired by the designer’s Jewish Heritage and family history of degenerative brain conditions, the way they approach design is inspired by a basic natural principal that asks for deconstruction in order to reconstruct. HADARI’s main practise revolves around reusing old garments and donated fabrics through draping and embroidery, using uniquely developed hand-held techniques called Bookpage and Slicing”. HADARI pulls in a digital element that comes from the designer’s personal history as a gamer, using digital software and AI to create the artworks for their innovative embroidery techniques and prints.



Designer Yoav Hadari @y_hadari
3D Tech Development Petros Lales @lalespetros
Model based on: Maahleek Brand @maahleek