Francesca Kappo

Central Saint Martins
BA Fashion Design with Knitwear

Francesca is studying BA Fashion with Knitwear. She celebrates the choices that working with Sarabande has given her; the opportunity to work with different materials and to work through the night. Francesca shared a bed with her sister so she could have enough floor space to work on her designs but now she has her own flat so working all night can go undisturbed. Her sister is grateful to Sarabande too.

Francesca integrates different techniques like print, knit and embroidery and bases her work around a narrative she has defined. She has created identical twin characters; one who is prettier on the surface but spoilt, and the other who is less traditionally attractive but whose shyness is endearing which makes her more beautiful. These themes of symmetry and contrasting characteristics play a huge role in Francesca’s work.