Evie O'Connor

Evie O’Connor (b. 1993. Glossop, Derbyshire) lives and works in London. In 2018 she completed a Masters in Painting at Glasgow School of Art and in 2015, graduated from London College of Fashion (BA Fashion Textiles).

Evie’s paintings examine, critique and ponder the confusing climate we find ourselves in. Her work asks personal and uncomfortable questions about the breeding ground of excess we have all played a part in creating. It invites conversation surrounding class, which for her is necessary and long overdue, and dissects the often empty aspiration of the scenes she envisions. Performative affluence and sun-kissed elitism become galleries in themselves, creating vignettes of beautiful privilege that is both repulsive and idyllic in our world of pain, poverty and pandemics.

Using her own archive, review sites and the infinite images of social media to construct new scenes of escapism, her work plays with both our conscious and submerged desires to live in an Eden of beauty and satiated-desires.