Inspiration Series | Polly Morgan in conversation with Emily Steer

Polly Morgan has had an eventful career: after learning taxidermy on a whim when she discovered a train ticket to Edinburgh to learn was cheaper than buying an existing piece, she was quickly catapulted to fame for her work.

Growing up surrounded by creatures of all kinds - her father bred exotic animals, including ostriches, alongside his normal flock of goats and chickens, and she bred hamsters - Morgan has spent her life studying the animal form.

She has been shown at major galleries, with notable exhibits including You Dig the Tunnel, I'll Hide the Soil, 2008 at White Cube, Psychopomps, 2010 at Haunch of Venison and Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrick, 2016 at Somerset House.

Morgan's work currently focuses on the more abstract form of snakes, depicted coiled in midair and draped around liquid-looking plastic shapes. Watch her in conversation with editor at Elephant Magazine, Emily Steer to learn more about Polly's fascinating life story and her thoughts on taxidermy in this age of sustainable living.