Semin Hong

Semin Hong is a multidisciplinary South Korean artist born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1995. She studied MA Fine Art at UAL Chelsea College of Arts in London and BA Painting at Hongik University in Seoul.

In her installations, videos, and performances, Semin reimagines various relationships ones have with home. By building a temporary shelter and using repeated motifs from her childhood, she unfolds the contemporary context of memory, place, identity, and belonging. She isolates the elements of home -whether they are architectural fragments or gestures extracted from faint memories of home- and inserts them into a new context.

Initial response to Semin’s inquiry takes the form of a film. The residual quality of memory plays a prominent role in her filmic research. The installation around the video generates specific conditions for viewer perception where her film narrative finds a physical continuation. Objects used in installations function as lexicons indicating personal imagery from her nostalgic memory of first home. For Semin, objects she creates are more like notes in a tune, each of which has its own manner of appearance, later accumulated to complete the ephemeral, oneiric landscape.