Mairi Millar

Mairi Millar is a Trinidadian artist whose practice centers on the relationship between human culture and our physicality, and how jewellery acts as a mediator between the two, having an intimate relationship to our body whilst acting as a language to the public.

She graduated with a degree in Jewellery and Metals from Rhode Island School of Design (BA) and Royal College of Art (MA), the latter ending in her graduate collection “Tethered” which spoke to ritual, amulets, and our human need to pair belief and the tangible.

Mairi is currently exploring local myths in her country centered around women; how these stories are often in contrast to the dark reality around gender-based violence that has always festered but has escalated within the pandemic. Once again blending myth and biology, she questions and embraces the “monstrous feminine” and what is “natural”.