James Tailor

Mainly working with the possibilities that assemblage gives, allows James Tailor’s practice to not be tied to a particular medium or style. Taking found objects, usually at the end of their life, he re-appropriates the objects narrative allowing it to be become a commendation of either personal or social issues.

“There used to be a point where I anchored my work to painting and although there is an undeniable link to that medium, this is no longer a primary concern of mine. Allowing my works to exist, as they are, somewhere in between painting and sculpture, opens new possibilities. Turning melancholy into material form, I aim at creating indexical objects that point at the way human intuitions have been compromised by a dematerialised notion of a conceptual world.”

The inherent sadness of Tailor’s dis-guarded objects is the feeling that the artist chooses to cling to as he explains it conveys a brokenness at a point of collapse but also has a sense of anticipation. These objects are normally paired with acrylic paint, which have been obsessively rework into a self made material (normally monochrome).

James Tailor finished his MA at Central St Martins after which he was awarded the Helen Scott Lidgett, Acme Studio award for 2018. During his time studying he interned with the Chapman Brothers as well as being chosen to go to Japan and create site specific art in response to Ritsurin Gardens. He has experience of working on large high profile events and collaborating with some of the most prolific artists and photographers. Tailor includes Adidas, Nick Knight, Kanye West, Sir Elton John, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, The Chapman Brothers, Kylie Minogue and Boy George as collaborators, patrons and collectors of his work. Since his graduation Tailor work for CBE RA Phyllida Barlow as an artist assistant as well as showing his work in London as-well as working with galleries around the world. Previously Tailor has been featured in the Catlin Guide 2015, Extreme Typography Of The Garden (2015), ArtMaze magazine (2018), Exit Ludvig Rage (2021) among others, up coming interviews with Run Riot (2021), The Asian Curator (2020) The Elizabeth Collective (2020) and Delphian Gallery (2020).