What Now?: The Graduate Survival Guide 2022

What Now?: The Graduate Survival Guide 2022


22ND - 23RD JUNE

22ND JUNE (19:00 - 21:00) - Dealing with Post-College Panic with Life Coach Abigail Wilmore in conversation with Yoav Hadari, Michaela Stark and Matty Bovan.

23RD JUNE (11:00 - 16:30) - Drop-in Workshop Stations at the Sarabande Foundation with Abigail Wilmore, Bold Tendencies, Alexander McQueen, Draw Recruitment, 1Granary, Browns, Stephanie Finnan of Creative Search/Fashion Careers Counsel and more.

23RD JUNE (19:00 - 21:00) - Portfolio Development with Ivy Kodjovi of VP People

This June, Sarabande Foundation will host What Now? - a series of talks and workstations to help recent and soon-to-be arts and fashion graduates tackle post-university panic.

The COVID-19 pandemic deeply effected the creative industries and had a huge impact on job prospects for new graduates. Job openings fell by 66.5% - some 128,000 fewer jobs than pre-pandemic, and recent graduates who were self-employed or freelancing had their work opportunities crushed.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural What Now?, designers Matty Bovan, Michaela Stark and Yoav Hadari will join Abigail Wilmore on Wednesday 22 June in a candid discussion on dealing with post-college panic and putting it in perspective.

And the Sarabande main space will be dedicated to drop-in one-to-one workstations on Thursday 23 June, ending the day with a panel talk with Ivy Kodjovi of VP People on portfolio development and ways to pique the interest of headhunters and recruiters.

What Now? supports students and graduates to realise their creative vision, increase their chances of being employed and bolster their design portfolios. Attendees can meet with specialists and creatives who have walked a similar path, offering 1-to-1 support as well as panel discussions.

With a wide scope of support available, What Now? is designed for all practices - fashion, art and all that lies in between.

This year’s event brings together professionals from a cross-section of the creative industries, including life coach and HR specialist Abigail Wilmore, Stephanie Finnan of Creative Search, editor Tamsin Blanchard, not-for-profit arts organization Bold Tendencies, specialists from Alexander McQueen, Draw Recruitment and more.






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