The Sarabande Foundation & Dom Pérignon Artist Showcase

The Sarabande Foundation & Dom Pérignon Artist Showcase

Music, art, craft and all that lies in between were brought together in the Sarabande and Dom Pérignon's Artistic Showcase following Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour at the Tottenham Hotspurs' Stadium - and nothing beats a night of artistic festivity with a glass of fine champagne in hand.

Sarabande’s new studios in Tottenham provided the perfect canvas for our artists, and Dom Pérignon brought their unmatched quality and prestige to an evening bursting with enlightened performance and bold statements.

With Dom Pérignon partnering with Sarabande, our aim to support the next generation of artists grows even stronger, shining a light on the power of fearless creativity - thank you to Dom Perignon for joining the Sarabande family and helping the foundation in it’s mission.

The night was filled with colourful conversations between the Sarabande community and our brilliant, creative guests, and everyone loved the performances…more to come!

Image credits: @darren_gerrish