Summer Body by Jonah Pontzer | Private Viewing and Exhibition

Summer Body by Jonah Pontzer | Private Viewing and Exhibition

Private View
22 May 2019, 6.30-8.30PM

23-26 May 2019, 10-5PM

'Summer Body' at Sarabande will offer an insight into the development of Jonah Pontzer work. It is a showcase of current and archival studies on canvas.

Jonah’s work draws on tension and dialogues between the physicality of paint and representational imagery of digital culture. In particular, the proliferation of pornography, queer culture and fetish. Sourcing imagery from social media channels and physical encounters, he demonstrates his respect for the historical canon through critical engagement with his subject matter and its material rendering. Pictorially, his works are photographic at a distance but are strategically broken down when close up, pointing to the dissection of colours and pixels on a digital screen and the detachment people face when interacting online.

Through film and careful documentation Jonah glorifies the experience of painting. 

Keep an eye on our website and our social media if you’d like to see more of Jonah’s process throughout his residency!