Sarabande x London Craft Week 2019 | 'The Art of Craft' Panel Discussion

9 May 2019

As part of London Craft Week 2019, Sarabande hosted a panel discussion with visionary creators and industry leaders; Dutch artist specializing in ceramics and porcelain, Bouke de Vries, Director of Tees Valley Arts, James Beighton and Sarabande artists-in residence, Castro Smith and Esna Su. Together, they explored the ascent of ‘craft’ to what we now value as a handing down of skills and dedication to execution.

Craft is everywhere at Sarabande, from the photographer who assisted for years to learn his skills; to the engraver who takes 3 months learning how to correctly hold tools, under masters in Hatton Garden and Japan; to the artist who uses traditional Syrian carpet-weaving techniques passed down from her mother and grandmother, to make wearable sculptures that explore the journey of a refugee.