Sarabande Foundation & abrdn: The abrdn Yearbook with Karimah Hassan

Joining forces with our Headline Partner abrdn and Sarabande artist Karimah Hassan, we are proud to announce 'The abrdn Yearbook'.

Inspired by Karimah’s year-long project Strangers Yearbook - a real-time Insta-gallery featuring portraits of strangers and documenting their feeling during a time of uncertainty - this yearbook will discuss who inspires the abrdn team. A global team with over 6,000 personalities, 150 selfies will be painted, documented and collated into a physical yearbook!

With abrdn’s belief in the power of investment and Sarabande’s support for the next generation of artists and creatives, this project unifies both incentives. Through Karimah’s art, greater connection and honest conversations are brought about.

Thank you to abrdn for being an terrific partner and joining us in this project. We cannot wait to see how this yearbook unfolds and to hear all your inspiration stories.