Ruth Hogben's Favourites at House of Bandits

Ruth Hogben's Favourites at House of Bandits

After unveiling our eagerly awaited House of Bandits physical space last November at our new location, Sarabande High Road, the store has been visited by prominent figures in the industry, including the esteemed Sarah Burton.

With a plethora of choices at House of Bandits, it can be a challenge to decide where to begin. That's why we turned to Creative Director, Film Director, and Photographer Ruth Hogben to share her favourite pieces.

1. Cigarette Necklace by Emily Frances Barrett

First to catch Ruth's eyes was Emily Frances Barrett's made-to-order Cigarette Necklace, carefully crafted with each pendant containing a real cigarette butt preserved in several layers of non-toxic resin and finished with a handmade Silver cap.

As no cigarette butt is the same, every pendant is entirely unique and one off. Cigarettes may vary in size, colour, brand and burn length.

"I quit smoking 7 years ago and I feel I deserve this as a reward. All the savings I've made on packs of cigarettes; I think it's totally justifiable."


2. Colour Change Composition 02 (Pleated) by James Tailor

Second of Ruth's favourites was Sarabande artist James Tailor's colour changing composition, made out of acrylic paint skin, spray and lacquer, pleaded over raw stretcher.

"This is so beautiful, I would love to watch it being made. It's hypnotic almost - so simple and incredibly pleasing."


 3. AW23 'Queer Symphony' Waistcoat by Paolo Carzana

Last but not least on Ruth's favourites list was Paolo Carzana's waistcoat from his  'Queer Symphony' collection. Paolo dedicated the AW23 collection to "queer lives taken from us before their time”. Ruth recently collaborated with Paolo photographing his SS24 collection, 'My Heart Is A River For You To Bend'. 

"Dear Paolo, Give this to me right now! Regards, Ruth"


You can shop for Ruth's favourites online or by visiting us in-store at Sarabande High Road. For a personal shopping experience you can book an appointment.

Stay tuned, we have plenty more Favourites to share! 



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