Practical Talk: The Art of Framing

Practical Talk: The Art of Framing

PRACTICAL: The Art of Framing with Emily Taylor, Co-Director of FRAME London, and Sara Terzi, Senior Art Collections Manager at Soho House, on the art of framing. 

Framing offers endless possibilities. So, how do you pick the right one? This talk explored whether you want your frame to be an extension of your artwork or to be almost invisible. Emily and Sara discussed various topics, including establishing a strong relationship with your framer, accentuating artworks, understanding the preferences of different professionals (collectors, curators, interior designers), conservation techniques, budgeting, artist framing specifications, and much more.

'You might be pinning your artwork to the wall, but if you have that spec in place, you can recommend and then you're sort of protected.'

FRAME London has collaborated with major institutions like the V&A and the Royal Academy, while Soho House manages over 8,000 works across their sites.

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