Drawing Fashion Accessories with Joshua Beaty

Drawing Fashion Accessories with Joshua Beaty

It's time for another online drawing workshop with Central Saint Martins' Joshua Beaty! Grab some paper, your favourite drawing materials and a drink!

With a focus on accessories, jewellery and close-up details, this session explores coiffed heads, painted faces, jewelled hands and decorated feet. 

Expanding our exploration of detail through accessories and jewellery, this workshop is ideal for milliners, jewellery designers and artisans who work on a smaller scale.

This workshop will feature pieces by Sarabande alumni Emily Frances Barrett, Jo Miller, Leo Carlton and friends of the foundation such as Stephen Jones more! Accompanied by current artists-in-residence Christopher Thompson Royds and Conor Joseph, we are bringing in the full jewellery and millinery roster.  



Artwork by Dorottya Csokasi


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