Perfection in Imperfection: A Toile-Drawing Workshop with Joshua Beaty

Perfection in Imperfection: A Toile-Drawing Workshop with Joshua Beaty


17:30 - 19:00

The toile is the prototype stage of a design, when a piece of clothing starts to come to life. Traditionally made in calico, toiles can be made from stock fabric or ends of rolls. It's the point when a designer will play with the shape and silhouette and fit. But it's also a point to pause and reconsider the longevity of a design, the materials it will be made from, the life cycle of the garment.

In partnership with Fashion Open Studio, this workshop will bring sustainably sourced toile and fashion illustration together. Stylising the prototype into the statement piece, drawers will navigate through effectively capturing the depth, movement and texture of a seemingly plain canvas...!

A kind thank you to Phoebe English for the loan of toiles from her archive.

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