'Modern Pagan' - Catching up with Mab George Sanders

'Modern Pagan' - Catching up with Mab George Sanders

Sarabande artist Mab George Sanders works with installations and performance, celebrating individuality and transformation she describes her creating process as a neopagan ceremony, transforming the act of dressing up into a spiritual experience. 

"As I grew up and found my own place in the world, I realised the struggle of dressing differently, but also the kind of celebration of standing out and being special." 

We caught up with Mab to discuss her ongoing projects, creative philosophy and inspirations:


Mab challenges the boundaries of conventional art, inviting viewers to experience a world where everyday rituals transform into artistic expressions. She takes inspiration from artists like Jose Perez Ocana and Olivier de Sagazan, known for their performances around identity, transformation and religion. 

"You couldn't really tell whether it was someone's spiritual ceremony or artwork or just them being themselves."

 Mab is also heavily influenced by British Pantomime, children's book illustrations and old-fashioned fairy tales.Through these influences and her unique vision, Mab invites her audience to explore a world where art is an intimate, transformative, and deeply personal experience.

In 2023, Sarabande collaborated with Mab for the 'Drawing the sound' fashion illustration workshop. We invited participants to explore the visual representation of sound, capturing the essence of a harp's melody or the rhythm of electronic beats through recording them on paper.