Catching up with Matilde Mozzanega in House of Bandits

Catching up with Matilde Mozzanega in House of Bandits
“I’ve always been really intrigued by how creativity can be a massive source of healing and wellness in our day to day life.”

Matilde Mozzanega's latest collection, "CHROMO-DOPE," explores the intersection of jewellery, wellness, healing, and self-care. Her fixed gem pendant serves as a constant reminder of the importance of daily rituals for our mental health. Dedicating time, love, and care to an object can be an act of healing self-love.

The inspiration for the collection came from the social media movement #postyourpill and the rising mental health issues among people, especially young adults. The movement encouraged individuals to share images of their prescription medications, highlighting the prevalence of mental health conditions and promoting open discussions about mental well-being.

"Chromo-dope" pieces serve as reminders of the importance of daily self-care rituals, encouraging wearers to prioritise their mental well-being in today's fast-paced world. 

This pendant is made out of recycled silver and features a pink quartz gem, the packaging is entirely handmade in Italy using recycled materials, available online and in store at House of Bandits.

Mozzanega's work is deeply rooted in the tradition of jewellery as talisman, where adornments hold significance beyond their aesthetic value. Through Chromo-dope, she explores the idea of transformation and interchangeability within jewellery, allowing wearers to customize their pieces according to their mood or needs. The stones, carefully chosen for their healing properties, are intended to touch the skin, enhancing their ability to provide comfort and support, much like a placebo effect for the wearer.

Watch our feature below to hear Matilde speak more about the piece on sale!