Introducing | Puck Verkade, Donal Sturt & Kristina Walsh

Introducing: Puck Verkade

Dutch-born Verkade uses a variety of different mediums to communicate her work. Through installation consisting of video, sculpture and architectural intervention, she questions the complexities of representation surrounding wider social issues such as gender, race and social inequality. After recently completing MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London, Puck has kept busy with three consecutive solo shows in Milwaukee (USA), The Netherlands and Sunday Art Fair, London. For her most recent work ‘Breeder’ (pictured), Puck examines “how social control informs the framing of our lives and the stories that instruct our bodies and construct our identities” through a large scale, sculptural video-installation.


Introducing: Donal Sturt

With a background in design, Sturt creates artworks that contrast hand made and machine made processes in the fast-paced world of developing technology. In his most recent solo show 'Now by me.’ (currently still on show in the Sarabande Main Space), Sturt has created 16 interpretations of renowned artworks that aim to reflect on our current digital climate where “no image is sacred, plagiarism is rife and ideas are constantly being stolen, manipulated and regurgitated”.


Introducing: Kristina Walsh

Kristina uses design as a way to create a discussion that surrounds social and cultural perspectives of the body, impacting human behaviour through footwear design and pieces that create new ideas of the human body. The base of her practice focuses on sculpting directly onto active bodies or life-castings and using a variety of materials including thermoplastics, metal, and foams to realize designs. Kristina’s work has allowed her to reach out and impact the wider community, including her prosthetics work being presented at the Inaugural Disability Innovation Summit, which inspired her to “continue exploring human experiences that are often shrouded in silence”.