'HEADF*CK: A Millinery Testament' by Jo Miller and Leo Carlton | Exhibition

'HEADF*CK: A Millinery Testament' by Jo Miller and Leo Carlton | Exhibition

May 2017

Sarabande milliners-in-residence Jo Miller and Leo Carlton feel compelled to challenge the existing position of millinery within the fashion industry and its perception as an accessory. Striving to define a place amongst their contemporaries, whilst allowing enough space to challenge what millinery is now and exploring its future. HEADF*CK was a joint show where they exhibited their new collections alongside one another, Jo working with found materials and luxury techniques and Leo creating performative hats that come alive when worn.

Due to their conceptual and multidisciplinary work, Jo and Leo do not conform to the conventional millinery template, they also deviate from a fashion standard, identifying as equal parts designer and maker. They find themselves rooted in a fault line, steeped in history, which divides practice and theory, technique and expression, craftsman and artist.

Jo Miller’s abstract approach to dressing the head combines innovation, individuality and her very own spark. It’s a unique and wonderful thing to behold’ - Stephen Jones

Leo Carlton’s exploration of material culture is light-hearted and entertaining, which within a frightening world, is a tonic for the soul’ - Stephen Jones

Supported by Hop House 13


HEADF*CK: a Millinery Testament from Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQ on Vimeo.

Leo Carlton, photos by Alessandro Merlo


Jo Miller, photos by Michelle Marshall