Fundraising and Investment Series | Part I

Fundraising and Investment Series | Part I

Introducing Sarabande's inaugural Fundraising Series, a collection of practical lectures aimed at dispelling the myths and fears surrounding fundraising for a creative business. We've invited industry leaders to join us in discussing everything from digital fundrasising to the logistics of launching your own business.

undraising for Small Business

Tuesday 13th February 2018
19.00 - 21.00

Where cash flow is vital, and capital is often necessary for growth, where does a small business or emerging fashion brand turn in order to get investment?

We invite a panel of funding experts who will explore investment options - what support is available from a bank, when does private equity or venture capital make sense and where friends/family or angel investment can help, as well as the language needed when talking to these different investors, what stage your company should be in when seeking investment and the importance of timing.

Kickstarter: Funding Creative Futures

Thursday 22nd February 2018
19.00 - 21.00

Join us for an in-depth discussion with Kickstarter's Director of Arts, Patton Hindle.

Hindle oversees Kickstarter's Arts/Performance Arts team, who work closely with visual and performing artists, arts organisations, museums and cultural institutions to help them realise creative and ambitious ideas. Over the past eight years, crowdfunding for creative projects has grown exponentially, with the artistic ventures receiving arounds 600 pledges daily. This insightful dialogue will explore why this surge in online fundraising has happened as well as the realities of funding artistic projects in the digital age.