Vacuum-packing the body into art | Catchup with Electric Adam

Vacuum-packing the body into art | Catchup with Electric Adam

Electric Adam is a performance artist that creates wearable latex pieces and performs them as a living sculpture, exploring themes of fetish, sexuality, and the human body, pushing the boundaries of traditional art and performance.

"I really wanted to go to latex events and fetish parties, but I didn't have anything to wear. I taught myself with a little help with a latex designer and I started making costume installations."

We recently visited Adam's studio to see their creative process firsthand, learning all about their unique perspective on creating art that incorporates BDSM, breath-play, and latex.



Adam seals themselves inside the airtight latex and using their own breath, pump the air out, slowly vacuum packing themselves into a sculptural form.

"It looks like it's probably quite a stressful, more distressing, experience to be in these things, but for me its incredibly empowering."

Currently, Adam is working on an ambitious project: an immersive exhibition where the space itself becomes an extension of the artwork, envisioning a "living, breathing piece" where the audience is fully enveloped in the experience.

The exhibition will be held at Sarabande, so keep an eye out on our newsletter.