'Deadstock' by Tenant of Culture | Exhibition

'Deadstock' by Tenant of Culture | Exhibition


1-10 June 2018


'Deadstock', by Tenant of Culture

For her first solo show at Sarabande, Tenant of Culture will display a combination of existing and new works created during her residency at the Foundation. An exploration of the 'garment' - objects found, made, wearable or sculptural, the artist examines the notion of the institutional archive: it’s functions and themes of preservation and decay; storage, display and cultural hierarchy. The question that fuels her research is - how do we decide what should be saved, stored, preserved and protected?

Using the phenomenon of fashion as an allegory for the transient, she looks at the contradictory relationship between the archive and trend; the fleeting and the contingent versus the durably preserved. By using processes like repurposing, artificially damaging, restoring and preserving she creates pieces that exist somewhere between sculpture and product. Playing with wearability, function and miss-use, the show includes biker jackets made of recycled handbags, a papier-maché denim jacket and a commissioned work by Ketel One Vodka, constructed from gloves used in the process of distilling - the same process they have used for 11 generations.