Comms Series | Your Creative and Digital Strategy

Comms Series | Your Creative and Digital Strategy


In light of yesterday's government advice relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is with regret that we have taken the decision to reschedule the following events:

Comms Series | Workshop – Personal Biographies and Brand Profiles - March 23rd

Comms Series | Your Creative and Digital Strategy - Panel discussion - March 24th

How To Be A Freelancer - Navigating The World Alone - March 31st

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and will be in touch as soon as possible with more information on rescheduled dates.

We will be updating our website and social media channels as necessary. Please continue to check them.



Panel discussion with experts in the field of digital creative strategy; led by Zoe Patoff, Senior Vice President at Karla Otto.

Ever wondered why some people seem just so damn good at social media? Every post they make racks up the likes instantly, every caption is perfectly offhand and witty, and you're never tempted to just flick your thumb onto turbo mode when you see ------------------- across the top of the screen on their story. It's the whole package, and to top it off, it all seems so casual. A breezy comment here, a wry emoji there. How do they do it? While some might be blessed with a natural dab hand at the 'gram, the truth is that it's something you can work at - and master.

Come along to our panel discussion and hear from some of the greats in the world of PR, including Zoe Patoff from Karla Otto, the major fashion PR brand that represents over 70 brands including Celine, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Simone Rocha. If anyone knows how best to sell yourself in this fast moving world, it's Zoe.

The panel will examine how to communicate yourself online and through social media; giving an insight into best practices, capturing and engaging an audience, language, and tone. They'll be highlighting examples of creatives and brands that excel in this and showing how to plan content around you and your brand.


Doors Open 7PM for cocktails from Ketel One.

Please arrive on time as the talk kicks off at 7.30PM on the dot!


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