In 2022 we supported artists from over 34 countries and the unparalleled creativity of our alumni was celebrated from Paris to New York and Miami.

We presented many exhibitions, giving our artists the opportunity to showcase their work to the wider art community with our SUMMER GROUP SHOW binding the various mediums of our alumni through a phenomenal 4 week display. 

Our WORKSHOPS continued to push the boundaries, providing interactive spaces for experts and amateurs to chime in on their craft.

If you thought we were stopping there you were wrong! This year the INSPIRED series continued to strive, bringing in the likes of Gilbert & George, Liz Collins, Tim Yip, Jake Chapman and Francesca Villa onto the Sarabande stage whilst the PRACTICAL talks united experienced industry professionals to enlighten hundreds of creatives.

2022 set the bar high at Sarabande, below we recap on what made it so great!