Rachel Fleminger Hudson

Rachel Fleminger Hudson (b. 1997) is a photographer and filmmaker, who employs a multi-disciplinary approach to her practice spanning art direction, set design and costume. After graduating this year from Central Saint Martins, she won the international Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents 2022, exhibiting at the Luma Arles Foundation.

Drawing from both visual, material and academic research, she synthesizes the mediums of costume, still and moving image to study people and places. In her work she aims to understand  others through materialities, to explore identities in relation to garments and understand fantasy and reality as one and the same.

She does this through through costumes, which are staged and captured through photography and film, thus tracing histories and engaging with past through the intimacy of skin to skin contact with historical garments. With particular interest in 1970s societal tensions, Subcultural Identity, performativity, “high” and “low” culture, feminism, masculinities and consumer culture, she aims to reconfigure the past in the context of the present.