Jamie Hamill

Working across a variety of media, Jamie’s practice is concerned broadly with the meeting points between objects and pop music. The visual and aural languages employed within his work are often developed from the appropriated functional and aesthetic components of existing objects, moods and sounds.
 Through piecing together disparate personal and pop cultural reference points, he aims to present a composite of material that engages with and abstracts current relationships between pop music, fashion, masculinity, humour, escapism and doubt; amongst other things. The research and making processes of his work are rooted in the collisions of these core components and their suggested roles, both physically and emotionally, within contemporary culture(s).
Jamie is interested in the fluidity of rigid and fragile, the points where things break or fail and how we might strive to hold them up; heat, desire, the dreamy, the unobtainable and the points where things lock into a groove before wobbling and dissolving and finding their groove again.